• Geese Chasers™ Long Island

    Respectfully eliminate bothersome geese on open spaces with the fastest, most effective, reliable and humane method possible – highly trained Border Collies.
  • The Geese Chasers™ Solution

    Geese Chasers™ has maintained virtually geese free environments for our clients for over 20 years. Only the use of our highly trained Border Collies delivers a natural and long-lasting solution. We're "Your Solution to Goose Pollution."
  • Natural and Effective

    Only Border Collies and their highly trained handlers provide an effective, natural and long-lasting solution that will control your Canada Goose problem year-round. Amazingly, the Border Collie will never come into contact with Canada Goose; bringing no harm to them, to children or to anyone present.
  • Trained and Certified

    Geese Chasers™ is proud to be a SAM-registered certified government contractor and a certified small business enterprise, demonstrating our commitment to safety and quality.
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Geese Chasers™ Long Island

Professional Geese Clearing Services


Humane. Effective. Affordable.
Geese Chasers™ is the #1 name in Canada Geese control with a 20 year history of success for its commercial, residential, state, city and municipal clients. We look forward to putting our expertise to work to solve your Geese problem effectively.

Our company does whatever it takes to get the job done while providing the best customer service in the industry. We have professionally trained dog handlers that clear our customer’s properties every day. Your property will be serviced 7 days a week, multiple times per day to assure that the geese don’t get comfortable onsite.

It takes anywhere from 4-12 weeks to clear the initial flock. After that depending on whether your property needs it - we will move into the daily maintenance phase. Our dog handlers will continue to monitor your property every day as well as being ON-CALL to make sure your property stays clean and geese free.

Every property has its own set of specific problems and therefore will have its own outcome. Some properties clear out in a month – others have our service year round. We can examine and explain these variables with a FREE site visit or phone call with one of our professionals.

Our job is to provide you with a contract that fits the specific needs of your property and your budget. We pride ourselves in being able to work with our clients to find a solution that fits THEIR needs. We care about our customers and the wellbeing of the property being serviced. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

The Border Collies we use are specifically trained to only chase and herd the geese. We do NOT hurt, injure or capture Canada Geese. This breed of dogs have the intelligence of a small child and a vocab of upwards of 1,500 words. Our dogs are very friendly and have been properly socialized with children and other animals.

Our franchise now services Nassau, Suffolk and Queens counties.

We are your effective solution to goose pollution and care deeply about the service we provide. Contact us for a complimentary evaluation. Advice is always FREE! It's the last call you’ll ever have to make about your Canada Geese problem.

What Doesn't Work

There are a handful of “methods” currently used by organizations suffering from "Resident Canada Geese" populations. Only our strategy has proven to be successful long term. Many have tried Dog Cut-Outs, Fake Swans, Flashing Lights and Kites. Others have tried Pop Guns, Noise Makers, Fencing, and Shiny Streamers. Some have even applied chemicals to their lawns resembling “Grape Jelly.” None of these annoyances provide an effective, natural and long-lasting solution. Only the use of trained dog handlers and Border Collies will eliminate your Canada Geese problem.

The Geese Chasers™ Solution

Geese Chasers will visit your site multiple times daily during the first several weeks. Each visit reinforces the message of danger to the Canada Geese population onsite. Once we clear the initial flock we will move into the maintenance phase continuing to monitor and harass new flocks of geese that come to your property. If you feel as if your property needs a clearing we offer ON-CALL for FREE! Within 60 - 90 minutes one of our handlers will be onsite to clear the remaining geese off of your property. If/when we discover “roosting piles” on your site - we will dispatch one of our handlers to your location after dark to scare the geese off which further persuades them to stay away for longer periods of time. Amazingly, our Border Collies will never come into contact with the Canada Geese; bringing no harm to them, to children or to anyone present. Our methods are the most humane, reliable and cost-effective way to control geese populations on your property. Geese Chasers has a history of success for its clients and looks forward to putting its expertise to work for you. We will do whatever it takes to solve your Canada Geese problem.

Border Collies – Bred to Persistently Herd

The Border Collie was bred to gather and control sheep in the steep hilly terrain between Scotland and England. This breed is known for their unlimited amount of energy, stamina and working drive. All of those characteristics combined make this breed the “premier” herding dog. This breed is said to have a vocabulary upwards of 1,200 - 1,500+ words. In short, scientists believe they have the IQ of a two- to three-year old child. For these dogs, each word can mean a different command. Their intelligence doesn’t stop there. They are one of the only, IF not the ONLY, breed that is able to think on their own and problem solve without their handlers’ commands. They have a natural ability to stalk and herd livestock. When confronting geese, our Border Collies will crouch, stalk and present a menacing "wolf-like" gaze. This intense “stare” is not only a hallmark of this breed but is what instills incredible fear in the Canada Geese. The Canada Geese will be convinced there is a predator approaching them and that the property is now unsafe for them to graze and take refuge. These dogs are our own, they live with us as part of our family to ensure that they are fully socialized and can deal with small children and other animals. Feel free to ask our handlers if you can say, “hello!”
  • Commercial Properties
  • Golf Courses/Clubs
  • Communities
  • Municipal Properties

Commercial property managers responsible for dealing with "resident Canada Goose" populations may have tried scarecrows, flags, mylar tape and balloons But only the use of highly trained handlers and Border Collies will control your Canada Goose problem year-round. 

Private and community golf course property managers are increasingly hearing the complaints of valued members: no more goose poop!. Groundskeepers have tried pop guns, noise makers, fencing, and sound machines. Some have even applied chemicals to the turf. None of these provide an effective, natural and long-lasting solution. Only the use of highly trained handlers and Border Collies will put the ball back on course. 

Common areas at apartments, condos, and private communities have seen the use of scarecrows, flags, mylar tape and balloons or fencing to address the resident Canada Goose problem. Only the use of highly trained handlers and Border Collies will control your Canada Goose problem year-round. 


Schools, parks, and public spaces have grown overrun with residential Canada Goose. Taxpayers, students and visitors needn't be disgusted when using public space. Don't rely on scarecrows, flags, mylar tape, balloons, pop guns, noise makers, fencing, or sound machines. Ask us about our highly trained handlers and Border Collies to control your Canada Goose problem year-round. 

  • "Within weeks the Canada Goose population had diminished to nearly zero."

    "It's not only a treat to be rid of the geese, our golfers love seeing the Border Collies and their handlers do their thing. I'm keeping Geese Chasers™ on the job."

    image Gregg Armbruster
    Medford Lakes Country Club
    Medford, NJ
  • "Our neighborhood has been virtually geese free."

    "To anyone that's fed up with the disgusting mess left by Canada Goose call Geese Chasers™. They're great people to work with and provide an invaluable service."

    image Jeff Herdeg
    Home Owners Association
    Pheasant Mere Community, NJ
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  • Initial Clearing

    Initial Clearing Program: designed to make the quickest and most effective impression on the resident Canada Geese on your property. With our professionally trained dog handlers onsite seven days a week, harassing the Canada Geese multiple times a day - the birds will get the picture that your property is no longer safe and to clear out!
    4 -12 weeks
    Multiple daily visits, as needed
  • Maintenance

    Maintenance Program: once we have your property under control and have cleared the initial flock of residential Canada Geese. Our continued daily harassment discourages other “Residential/Migratory” Canada Geese from taking up permanent residence on your property and indefinitely dissuades them from returning as their first experience onsite is being chased away by one of our highly trained border collies.
    Daily visits, as often as needed
  • On Call

    On Call Program allows you to call/text Geese Chasers when you feel your property needs a clearing. These calls can be made between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM. If EARLIER or LATER times are needed: please call or email us the details of WHEN/WHERE you are seeing your unwanted feathery friends. Our regional manager will then change our dog handler’s routes accordingly UNTIL those Canada Geese stop coming at that time.
    Usually within 2 hours after your call/text
  • Night Runs

    IF/WHEN one of our professionally trained dog handlers identifies roosting piles onsite we will schedule “night runs” to chase any geese off of the property that are onsite after dark. These roosting piles look like piles of dog crap. This is because when the Canada Geese sleep they defecate, which creates these piles of unwanted geese droppings on your property.
    Scheduled by regional managers or requested by clients who see geese “after hours”
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Egg Addling/Egg Removal

Mating & Nesting Season is MARCH - JUNE

IF/WHEN you OR one of our professionally trained dog handlers spot a Canada Goose nest we will file for an Egg Addling Permit from the DEC, addle the eggs, wait for the parent geese to abandon the nest (as the eggs will slowly pass on their own after being addled) and destroy the nest so the parents don’t return and attempt to lay more eggs. This is the most HUMANE way of destroying a Canada Goose nest.

For high traffic areas like a school or office building, where the parent geese are hissing and chasing people which increases the probability of someone being injured. Another method approved by the USDA includes: removing the eggs; burying the eggs; and destroying the nest. This method tends to have faster results given the parent geese no longer have any eggs to sit on.

It is important to destroy the eggs as soon as possible as the gestation period for Canada Geese eggs is only 28 days. We do our best to addle them/remove them within the first 7-10 days of being laid. That way it’s still a yolk and not a prematurely developed bird.

This process is something that we as “Geese Chasers” don’t enjoy doing but accept as part of our job. Doing this helps control local Canada Geese populations in a humane manner. We LOVE the Canada Geese, if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be here. We do our best to be as respectful as possible to the Canada Geese while also fulfilling our duty to our clients: to provide a clean, geese free environment.

*** IF you have a nest on site or pair(s) of Canada Geese - DON’T WAIT - CALL NOW! ***

IF YOU HAVE A NEST THAT HATCHES - You are stuck with them until they can FLY! It is ILLEGAL to HARM goslings (baby geese) or REMOVE families of Canada Geese. They will be onsite for 70-90 days until the GOSLINGS grow their first set of flight feathers and the family flies away TOGETHER on their own.

Please note - The Canada Geese who unfortunately have their nests destroyed during this season will move on to find a safer place to nest again and raise their young. Most cases it happens within the same nesting season as they can mate and lay eggs from March to the end of June!

Fun Fact - Canada Geese are monogamous, they mate for life and live upwards of 35 years. They are habitual nesters so once they reach sexual maturity, find a safe place to nest and are successful in raising their young. They will return to the exact same place EVERY year to nest again. Click image to view USDA PDF document

For more information on these methods please download this informative USDA document.